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Move From Organic Post to Ad in Two Clicks

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Get upfront rights and upfront pricing for Spark Ad Codes. Leave emails and confusion behind.

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Find new ads to run in one centralized portal, and never run out of content to Spark.

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Get Endless Ad Content on Tap

Get Endless Ad Content on Tap

Automate your creator content engine, run more tests than ever and finally free up your schedule.

Make Your Message Count

Relate to your ideal customers through trusted, authentic creator voices.

Make Your Message Count
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Turn TikTok into a Top-Performing Channel

Fuel product discovery with a consistent steam of rights-ready content.

“We’ve been able to reuse that UGC across our advertising efforts… And of course, we’ve seen a great lift in sales and performance from this as well.”


Chase Sagum — Co-Founder and CMO

Viori Beauty

Save Time with Instant TikTok Spark Ad Codes

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