Power In-Store Purchases with Influencer Marketing Retail Support

Boost your brand’s retail presence with geotargeted influencer promotions.

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What Brands Get with Statusphere Retail Support Campaigns

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Instantly Match with Influencers in Your Priority Retail Markets

Target by retailer, location and creator shopping preferences. Powered by matchmaking based on 250+ first-party data points.
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Create Touchpoints That Influence Purchases

Delight your retail partners with content at specific stores. Creators can tag retailers and geo-tag store locations.
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Real-Time Reporting to Track Your Results

Get custom retail reports to share with your partners. Highlight how you’re supporting in-store rollouts and driving results.
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Why Brands Love Influencer Retail Support with Statusphere

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Keep Retail Partners Happy with In-Store UGC

Build awareness and bring products to life with micro-influencer content at scale. From hauls to unboxings and beyond, our creators know which formats people love.

Match with Your Ideal Creators Based on Shopping Preferences

Retail support campaigns don’t have to take forever. Match instantly with vetted creators in relevant retailers and target markets.
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Reporting built for micro influencer campaigns

Consolidate Your Retail Reporting and Content

Say goodbye to bouncing between platforms. Track your content and get in-depth, in-store reporting in one place.

Drive In-Store Traffic with Influencer Content Like This

Get Powerful Retail Support with Influencer Content at Scale

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