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Effortless Social Proof at Scale


Optimize by Goal

Support retail accounts, build brand awareness, or get guaranteed product reviews on your website.

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Target your Audience

Target creators based on 250+ data points (i.e. shopping habits, geolocation, product usage, family life, etc).

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Save time and Scale

Stop spending your time DMing creators. Get scalable, guaranteed posts at scale.

Authentic engagement from creators who actually want to use your products.

Guaranteed Posts by Engaged Creators

Unlike other platforms who make you do all the work and still won’t make sure you get your deliverables, Statusphere guarantees posts.

Scale up effortlessly.

Authenticity from Creators

Our creators choose which products they want to post about based on their interests therefore creating more authentic collaborations.

If they aren’t interested in the products offered to them, they’re allowed to unmatch themselves or skip a month entirely if they’re too busy to post. This ensures authenticity as we’re not forcing creators to post about products they’re not interested in.

Data-Driven Matchmaking

Creators fill out their own profiles with over 250 data points. In addition to these data points, our algorithm takes their previous product preferences into mind.

We save marketing teams an average of 70 hours per month

Trusted by 400+ Brands

Match based on 250+ data points

Data-driven matchmaking allows brands to target based on 250+ data points, including dietary preferences, family life, geolocation, etc.

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Campaigns learn over time

Statusphere learns which audiences perform best for your brand, allowing the campaign targeting to optimize over time.

Optimize the DARK FUNNEL

With new privacy updates, tracking and optimization has become harder for marketers. It is more important than ever to make sure that you understand and optimize the parts of the funnel that you can’t track.

Watch our webinar on how your brand can optimize the dark funnel and bring down your customer aquisition costs.

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How it works

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Create Campaign

Input your product information, and choose your audience based on more than 250+ data points.

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Smart Matchmaking

Statusphere matches you with creators based on campaign parameters. Data-driven matchmaking gets better over time.

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See Insights

Track the campaign, see insights, and download content all in one place.

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