What Statusphere is All About

Our Mission

With better technology, brands see meaningful results from influencer marketing and creators get to try more of the products they love.

Statusphere was created to eliminate influencer marketing roadblocks. Our platform empowers brands and creators to increase their partnership possibilities for endlessly scalable content without the extra work.

Our Platform

We provide SaaS tools that help brands and creators get the greatest benefits from their influencer partnerships.

We know how much work managing creator partnerships can be. Our platform is built to help coordinate your collaborations on autopilot.

Traditional influencer platforms leave brands to juggle campaign management, fulfillment, reporting and obtaining ad permissions.

Our platform eliminates these time-consuming to-dos.

The result? We save brands 98% of the time they’d normally spend doing influencer marketing themselves. And we create customized experiences for creators so they only see collaborations they’ll love.

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Team Status

The Statusphere Story

Our founder, Kristen Wiley, got the idea for Statusphere while she was coordinating influencer marketing campaigns for brands. At the time, she was also an influencer herself.

After seeing first-hand how messy and time-consuming influencer marketing can be, she envisioned a win-win solution for brands and influencers alike.

She created Statusphere to take the mess out of influencer marketing.

Today, our platform has helped more than 400 brands restore their bandwidth and get creator posts at scale. We have also matched tens of thousands of happy creators with customized collaborations, and growing.

Why Statusphere?

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Our Culture


Data Enabled, People Powered

Our product is people-powered. Data points us in the right direction and people get us to the final destination. From employee-driven company benefits to making a platform fit for our members, to helping brands turn their visions into reality, people are the reason for everything we do.

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Make it Happen

Innovating with new ideas is encouraged and we celebrate mistakes for what they teach us. We leave our egos at the door, care about being better than we were yesterday and have a bias towards action. We see solutions everywhere, can do a lot with a little, ask for guidance when we need it, and maintain a can-do attitude.

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Coachability Over Talent

Experience and talent matter, but coachability matters more. We’re sharp enough to know we can’t know everything – but we subscribe to figuring it out and welcome feedback for continuous learning and improvement. Enthusiasm and a willingness to try > being talented with a closed mind.

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Teal-Line Communication

Inspired by Gallaher Edge’s Green-Line communication strategy, we take a teal-line approach to communication. Rather than skirting around problems, we directly approach others with openness and empathy and assume positive intent. We’re honest but never brutal. We take ownership, admit mistakes, grow from them, and keep moving.

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Better Together

We believe in intentional opportunities for connection and celebrating each other’s wins (big and small). We think about others when making decisions and step in when others are struggling. Bottomline: one team, one dream.

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