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BWX seamlessly scaled creator content for 3 of its 4 brands from one centralized place.

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BWX wanted to create a scalable content engine to help its portfolio of brands gain US market share. programming slate


BWX lacked the resources to scale creator content internally.

Primary Pain Points:

  • No centralized way to organize content and reports

  • Trouble pivoting strategies for multiple brands

  • Lack of bandwidth

THE Solution

BWX used Statusphere to seamlessly scale creator content for 3 of its 4 brands from one centralized place.

How We Solved It:

  • Streamlined portals for real time content tracking

  • Flexibility to pivot between goals and retail focus by brand

  • Over 4,600 hours saved

THE results

Sustaining an Always-On Content Engine

BWX used the Statusphere platform to get 5,571 posts for Mineral Fusion, Sukin and Andalou Naturals. With thousands of creators posting about these Australian beauty brands, BWX’s reach, awareness and share of voice skyrocketed.


Video Views

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Driving In-Store Traffic with 1,800+ Retail-Specific Posts

BWX wanted to drive traffic and product demand at key retailers like Target, Whole Foods, Sprouts, JCPenny, Rite Aid and more.

Creators were required to geotag store locations and mention product availability, resulting in 1,800+ retail-focused posts for BWX brands.

Leveraging Niche Targeting to Reach 3 Segments of the Clean Beauty Community

BWX used Statusphere’s advanced creator targeting options to collaborate with thousands of creators interested in clean beauty and clean skincare.

BWX varied its creator targeting between each of the 3 brands’ niches to tap into each ideal audience.

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Exponentially Increasing BWX’s Partnership Bandwidth

Using Statusphere, BWX was able to get 4,682 hours back to put toward its other marketing initiatives.

Our platform eliminated BWX’s most time-consuming influencer marketing to-dos including:

  • Recruitment
  • Management & Communication
  • Reporting
  • And more

Taking these to-dos off BWX’s plate gave them the freedom to earn the results they were looking for.


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