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March Newsletter

Hey there,

Can you believe we’re already about to put a bow on Q1?🎁 Hope yours is going well!
In this month’s newsletter, I’m covering:

🎞️ The truth about the new “TikTok ban”

❤️ Our pick for viral TikTok creator of the month

🗞️ Major marketing headlines you may have missed 

✨ And more! 


– Kristen Wiley (CEO of Statusphere)

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Yes, the "TikTok Ban" Buzz is Back 🏦

We were hoping that we could leave the whole “TikTok ban” saga in 2023.

Wishful thinking, I guess!

Despite all the public spectacle last year, there’s been a sudden and renewed push for the app to address its security and privacy concerns.

And as of this morning, the US House voted 352 to 65 (and one “present” vote) to move the “ban” forward as part of a larger national security bill.

According to Axios, the White House will likely sign off on the bill if it passes. For now, the bill will head to the Senate where it’s already facing some opposition.

But don’t go into panic mode! Here’s why we urge brands to keep their cool:

  • This isn’t actually a ban! Worst-case scenario? TikTok divests and gets sold off to a US-based company within 180 days. Regardless of what happens, the app isn’t going anywhere.

  • There’s no precedent for an outright ban on an app like this. Like we said last year, experts have said an actual ban under these circumstances would be unconstitutional unless Congress can prove TikTok “poses legitimate and serious privacy and national security concerns that can’t be addressed by any other means.” Experts argue Congress will not be able to satisfy this requirement. So even if it passes in the Senate, it will likely be taken to court immediately.

  • Public pushback is already happening. Although unsuccessful, Congress saw massive pushback after TikTok urged users to voice their displeasure with the bill. This pushback will undoubtedly influence the Senate’s decision.

We’ll follow this story as it develops and urge brands to do the same! 

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Miracle Deodorant Proves That Any Product Can Go Viral on TikTok📱

TikToker @atotalshizzshow earned 6.4 million views, 57,000 likes, and 4,165 with her PSA for self-proclaimed “sweaty girls.”

Referring to viewers as her “fellow Stinkies,” she spills the tea of her experience getting her hands on Saltair deodorant after seeing it on TikTok. She spends nearly three minutes urging followers to get their hands on the miracle product ASAP.

The creator says herself: “This thing sells out all the time and I can see why. Because there’s people like me that would buy 500 of them.”

What we love: 
  • The creator’s honesty and sense of humor. Not afraid to be vulnerable about her sensitive skin and struggles to find the right products, the creator’s experience is super relatable. Her jokes throughout the video help, too.
  • The video is seriously simple. No off-the-wall edits of effects here. Not even music! Just the creator making a recommendation. Simple as.

  • This creator seamlessly sells an “unsexy” product. TikTok is the perfect place to promote products like deodorant. That’s because social shoppers crave “real” and unpolished content exactly like this post.

Check out the full video here!

Photo Credit: @atotalshizzshow

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Fact: 64% of Gen Z turn to TikTok over Google to discover new products.

All while social apps continue to pull traffic away from both Google and Amazon.

That’s why we’re begging brands not to ignore social search in 2024. Outranking your competitors and targeting keywords are key to staying on shoppers’ radars.

Our next live webinar is a deep dive into all things social SEO for B2C brands.


You’ll learn:
  • How to find the right social media keywords for your brand
  • Proven content types to boost your visibility about competitors
  • Examples of how brands are actually ranking in social search right now
  • And more!

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Social news

Snack-Sized Social News 🍪

Social news moves fast! Here are a few headlines to keep you in the loop: 

See you in San Fran! 😎

Excited to share that I recently became an ambassador for Women in Influencer Marketing! 🎉

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You’ll meet talent managers, brand leaders and founders creating new pathways to connect influencers and brands. Light snacks, wine and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

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We’ll be back next month with more tips to enhance your digital marketing strategy!