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February Newsletter

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Almost Valentine’s Day! Hope your Q1 has been sweet so far. 😍

In this month’s newsletter, we’re covering:

🛍️ TikTok Shop’s rumored takeover

❤️ Our pick for viral TikTok creator of the month

🗞️ Major marketing headlines you may have missed 

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– Kristen Wiley (CEO of Statusphere)

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TikTok Doubles Down on Shop Posts 🛍️

We’ve talked a lot recently about TikTok Shop’s potential to dominate the app.

And a new test from TikTok signals that they’re tripling down on shoppable posts.

This feature has the ability to make all video posts shoppable and would identify, tag and recommend products automatically. This would happen without brand or creator approval via Shop.

It’s safe to assume that many users wouldn’t be thrilled about shopping links creeping into non-affiliate content. Some critics attribute TikTok’s surprising dip in monthly active users to pushing for sales too hard and too fast.


Should brands change course with TikTok Shop? Our take:
  • Keep prioritizing authentic creator content. Shoppable posts or not, consumers can smell an ad from a mile away. Spotlighting real voices and genuine reviews is more important than ever. TikTok’s mantra of “Make TikToks, not ads” comes to mind.
  • Removing restrictions could mean more reach. Currently, creators need 5K followers to add a Shop link to their posts. This feature would remove that requirement. Anyone who posts about a product could see a Shop link added to their video, meaning more links & more reach for brands.
  • TikTok is leaning into Shop, which could give your content a boost. But don’t put all of your eggs into TikTok Shop’s basket. Remember: Shop is still only four months old in the US and some TikTokers are already tired of TikTok Shop spam. Brands should be optimistic but mindful of where their creator marketing efforts go. 

Check out the full story here!

Photo Credit: Social Media Today

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Viral Spark Ad Has TikTokers Rushing to the App Store 📲

Raw reactions and unscripted reviews are proven to boost TikTok ad performance.

And this post from @bananabonani is a top-tier example of Spark Ads in action

The creator starts by sharing her struggles with ADHD. She even admits to locking her phone away to help her focus. That is until she discovered the Opal app.

Her hilarious app demo and relatability kept us glued to our screens. This is exactly how getting “real” translates to amazing ads.

The post gained so much attention (7.8 million organic views) that the brand Sparked the video to keep its momentum going.


What we love: 
  • The video is seriously simple. Less is more with Sparked content. Sometimes posts with the least production value translate to the best ads.
  • The video wasn’t made to be an ad. The creator’s disclaimer (“This is not an ad at all, but if you want it to be, hi Opal!)” builds a sense of trust with viewers. The brand’s decision to promote the post was made after the fact.
  • The brand capitalized on an already-viral post. Opal saw the video taking off and snagged the opportunity to juice it with ad spend. This is exactly how you tap into organic UGC and squeeze more from what you already have.

Check out the full video here!

Photo Credit: @bananabonani

live webinarart

How Brands are Driving Sales with TikTok

Thursday, February 15 at 1 PM ET

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Fact: TikTok reported $10+ billion in consumer spending last year.

And with TikTok doubling down on shoppable videos, there’s never been a better time for brands to cash in. 

That’s why we’re bringing back our most popular webinar of all time (How Brands are Driving Sales on TikTokto help!

Learn how to turn TikTok into a performance marketing channel with actionable insights, including the strategies your competitors already know.


We’ll cover:
  • Dos and don’ts of posting on TikTok as a brand
  • How to create content that influences shoppers to take action
  • Why brands are going all-in on Spark Ads
  • The latest TikTok marketing trends to grow your account
  • And more!

Join the 100+ already registered and save your seat today

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