What Brands Look for in Sponsored Content

by | Oct 13, 2023

Ever wonder what brands think of the content you post for them? Or wish you knew what you could do to catch their attention or get them to repost your content? We’re here to spill the tea on what brands actually look for in sponsored posts.

Brands (especially the ones Statusphere works with) usually credit creators they repost, giving your account more exposure. And if they’re looking to repurposing it for Allowlisting or Spark Ads, this typically presents the opportunity to be compensated based on your rates. Spoiler alert: you’ll want to take notes on this one.✍️

Over-promotional is out, UGC is in.

Although you’re promoting a product, it’s how you promote it that’ll make all the difference for a top-notch post. Posting a collab should feel authentic to you and your lifestyle.

Be sure to show the product in-use and share your own personal experiences. Avoid copy and pasting talking points from your collab resources as this can give an inauthentic feel. The product should be seamlessly incorporated in your content as part of your daily life.

See this in action with
@consistencywithkt’s branded post for Kombucha Cocktails.

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 3.38.52 PM

Evergreen content is the best content!

One of the biggest compliments to get from a brand is to get reposted. Unless otherwise specified, it’s best to keep your content as evergreen as possible.🌲

What is evergreen content? It’s content that can be posted year round! So try to steer clear of holiday-themed or super niche content centered around the product.

Information should be *in* your video, not only in your caption.

Think of it this way, if a brand repurposes your content, they’re most likely reposting the content itself and not the caption. Take advantage of using voice overs, text overlay, or talking directly to the camera about the product benefits and your experience.

Check out this branded post from
 @emanuela.j for how it’s done.

If you’re taking photos, a picture is worth a thousand words! Show the product in-use how it’s intended to really showcase its uniqueness.

Stay away from using transactional language.

Authenticity is key.🔑 Although being relatable is important when posting for your audience, you’ll want to skip using transactional language.

Avoid saying “I’m trying XYZ but will give it to my sister after this” or “This brand sent me this hair care product & I don’t even care about a hair care routine but will try it out!”. This type of verbiage leaves little room for brands to repost your content and to your viewers, this could seem like a “cash grab”. Be sure to participate in collab that truly resonate with you and your audience.

The growth and success of your account all begins with the content posted. If the quality and authenticity is there, the performance (engagement, reach, etc.) and collabs will follow. Statusphere is always looking for creators who prioritize the quality of content and constantly strive for improvement. If you’re interested in participating in brand collabs, click here to get started!