Monetize Your Content (TikTok Spark Ads Version)

by | Feb 16, 2024

If you’re as TikTok-obsessed as us, you’ve probably seen a Spark Ad pop up once (or ten times) on your FYP. You know, the videos that look like a regular TikToks, but are actually a creator’s sponsored boosted by the brand. These are called TikTok Spark Ads.

Brands can now promote creators’ video posted about them, to reach a wider audience. And the good news for creators is… brands will pay you for this. 🤑

There are some common traits every brand looks for in content that makes them want to Spark it. The obvious: nice lighting, clear focus, and good editing, of course. But, allow us to enter the chat to share a few more to consider:

Show the Product In-Use

Products exist to solve a problem, no matter how big or small. Hair products that give your hair more volume, food that makes your recipe taste better, clothing that makes you feel more confident; showing your audience what the product does, how it solves the problem, is one of the biggest things brands look for in a post. The main reason being, this is what influences purchase decisions most – being able to actually see the benefits.

Incorporate this by showing a before and after of results, speaking to your experience using the product, or walking through a step-by-step tutorial on how it works.

IMG 1757

@emiliekiser’s sponsored and Sparked post for Nexxus

Create Long-Lasting Evergreen Content

Everyone loves a good holiday and trending sound. The only downside? That type of content doesn’t stand the test of time. Holidays (sadly) come to an end and trending sounds come and go. This isn’t an issue unless a brand is looking to Spark content for a prolonged period of time.

Videos watched a week, a month, or even six months after posting and still make sense are chefs kiss to brands looking for the best of the best videos to spark.

Keep it Legal (What, Like it’s Hard?)

Keeping up with the latest platform and FTC requirements isn’t the most exciting, but it’s a must to make sure your content follows all the right rules. This is true for all sponsored videos, especially the ones that brands want to boost as an ad. Not having clear disclosures or using non-approved music can cause the video to be flagged, removed, or worse… undergo legal problems. Big yikes. 🙅‍♀️

To avoid this: 1. Clearly disclose your partnerships (paid and gifted) at the beginning of the video. It’s best to do this both verbally and as a text overlay. Phrases like “thanks {brand} for gifting this”, “I partnered with {brand}”, or hashtags like #partner, #sponsored, #gifted work fine. Learn more about disclosures here.

2. When adding music, make sure to use platform-approved tracks. Learn more about Copyright regulations here. To avoid altogether, use your own voiceover to speak to your experience or talk to the camera like you would to your bestie. This keeps your video legal AND helps to connect with your audience best.

You can learn more about TikTok Spark Ads on our website. If you want to monetize your content in this way, Statusphere allows creators to set rates on some collabs and be paid if the brand decides to Spark.⚡️ Join the fun and apply to our network today!