Frequently Asked Questions

Fulfillment to creators takes us a ton of time. How do you fulfill our products to creators?

We have a warehouse with complete pick & pack systems in place run by our own technology.

This means we take fulfillment to creators completely out of your hands. All you have to do is ship your products to us and we take care of the rest! Once we receive your shipment at our warehouse we send your products to creators for you.

Our fulfillment technology is built with creators in mind. This means we send them shipping updates, beautifully packaged boxes and easy-to-follow instructions so they have a seamless experience 100% of the time.

What is your Creator Network? How does it work?

We built Statusphere for creators just as much as we built it for brands!

Our Creator Network (aka “Member Network”) is an opt-in-only network of heavily vetted micro and nano influencers.

To join our Member Network, creators must fill out an application and be approved by our Member Growth team. Once we receive their application, we review their profile, content, and engagement to make sure they are a good fit.

Our Members get multiple perks for joining including:

  • Working with brands in Sephora, Ulta, Target and more!
  • Pre-approved collabs sent to their inbox
  • Only receive collaborations customized to their preferences
  • Personalized StatusBoxes delivered to their doorstep with clear-cut instructions
  • NO commitments. Skip a month (or a year) at any time with no penalties.

These perks and more are just some of the many reasons why our Member Network is on a waitlist!

How does Statusphere collect first-party data points on its creators?

The secret is in our opt-in creator network!

When creators get approved into our network, they fill out a profile. Questions include things like demographics, shopping preferences, hair type, skin conerns, dietary restritions, and so many more. As they mature in our network, they continue to update their profile and provide more information about themselves.

By sharing this information with us, we’re able to show them only the collaborations that suit their needs and interests. This saves them valuable time having to sort through pitches that aren’t a fit.

The best part is that all of the data we collect on creators is self-reported. We don’t use techniques like data scraping. This allows us to get the most accurate information, plus lifestyle changes and details that other tools aren’t able to collect.

Who handles influencer approvals and negotiations? Does our team still need to do that?

We handle all of this for you!

Because we vet each creator in our network, every creator who sees your collaboration will be pre-approved to work with you. This eliminates the need for influencer approvals. Best of all, the pre-approved creators who are shown your collaboration will be matched to you based on the 250+ data-points we collect, for matches better than you could make yourself!

As far as negotiations go, you don’t have to worry about those either! Each creator that is shown your partnership opportunity will review your products, content requirements and any other incentives before opting in. If they decide to post for you, they are agreeing to the requirements you’ve set.

How is content approved? Can our team review the content before it goes live?

We know how much time content approvals can take, which is why we do the hard part for you. Our in-house review team looks at every piece of content that gets submitted to ensure the creative requirements you’ve outlined have been met.

Once a creator posts their content, they upload their post link to us. From here, our team will either approve it or request changes.

For the sake of taking time off of your plate while getting you content at scale, we don’t currently offer brands the ability to review content before it goes live. However, you can review posts as they come in from your Brand Portal and submit feedback to us. We can use this feedback to better optimize your content in the future, and even to make quick pivots to your campaign to get you more of the content you’re after.

What does “marketing-ready” content mean? Can our brand take the content we receive and use it anywhere?

“Marketing-ready” content means content that you can re-use and re-purpose throughout your marketing funnel.

When creators join our Member Network, they agree that the brands they partner with will be able to repurpose their content in ads, emails, website pages, and more.

This means as soon as you see content go live in your portal, it’s ready for you to use! We recommend adding it into ads, reposting it on your brand’s socials, adding it as social proof on product info pages, and everywhere else your customers live!

How are creators compensated for their work?

As a platform built for creators, by creators, we believe in compensating creators fairly.

Our philosophy on this comes down to “value exchange” – meaning your ask should be equal to (or smaller than) the value of your offer. You want to make sure that creators who look at your offer will perceive it as having a high value exchange.

For instance, big asks like having a creator change their dog’s food for 2 weeks should be paired with big value.

If you’re only offering the free food, your value exchange will likely be seen as low. If you offer the free food with additional incentives like a doggie toy and treat box, plus a gift card you’re increasing your value exchange (and the number of creators who will want to work with you!).


How can I get my brand in Statusphere?

We love working with new brands! If you would like your brand featured in Statusphere, fill out this brand application.

For detailed information about how we operate and what you can expect from us, please review our Terms and Conditions.

Creator FAQs

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