Unlocking the Algorithm: How to Get Content Ranking in Social Search

by | Feb 28, 2024

Social media is quickly becoming the preferred search engine for most users. Sorry Google🙈. No seriously… nearly 51% of Gen Z is ditching Google and heading to social to search products, places, and more.

Rightfully so! Video content allows consumers to actually see a product or service in action. And gives them a way to see what others think by looking at the comments with one click.

So, what does this mean for you as a creator? The higher your content is ranked in search, the more opportunity to increase engagement, reach, and overall growth. We’ll tell you how.

Keywords. That’s it, that’s the tip.

There’s a lot that goes into TikTok’s algorithm when it comes to their search feature. But rumor has it TikTok takes frequent words used in the content and comments to generate where it lands in search. It’s all about the words you’re using and where you use them.

Follow these steps when creating to help your video rank higher:

  • Do some digging to find keyword(s) 🔎

Once you know what you want to post, it’s time to find key words to use. Start by searching topics related to what your video will be about.

Example: Filming a smokey eyeshadow look? Search ‘smokey eye’ and see what type of results come up. TikTok will generate the most common searches with those words.

Click on the first few results to see what type of videos appear as the top ones.

IMG 2677

Find some commonalities with any words used in the top videos. It’s best to keep your keyword(s) more general and something your audience may be searching.

  • Use closed captions 💬

When filming, verbally say your keyword(s) as much as you can without it feeling forced. It’s best to focus saying these in the beginning of the video, preferably the first few seconds.

In the editing stages, turn on the closed captioning feature so the words you’re saying appear on the video. And always proof read the captions it generates to fix any typos.

  • Incorporate keyword(s) in the caption ✍️

Keep your caption centered around your keyword(s). And include your keyword(s) at the beginning of the caption, in the first sentence.

  • Include key word(s) in relevant hashtags ️⃣

Hashtags aren’t the end-all, be-all like they used to be. But, they still play a role in getting your content ranking in search. Include your keyword(s) in a few hashtags where it makes sense. No need to overthink it.

  • Trial and error 🧪

It can be a long game mastering the art of using key words in content. But practice makes perfect. If you’re making a lot of the same type of content (GRWM’s, day in the life’s, etc.) test out different key words to see what works and what doesn’t.

Put these tips to the test in your next post and see how it impacts your social search ranking.

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