Four Elements to Great Video Content

by | Oct 20, 2023

With the growing popularity of Reels and TikTok the past few years, video content is all the rage and proven it’s here to stay. If you think about the content you’ve been seeing and interacting with the past year, we’re willing to bet the majority was probably video.

In a creative slump when it comes to your organic content? Or have an upcoming video collab for a brand? Here are four helpful tips to elevate your Reels and TikTok videos.

In the infamous words of Ross Geller, “You ate my sandwich? My sandwich!?”

Yes. Yes, we did. And you should too! Story-telling is essential in video content to keep viewers engaged.

Think of your video like a sandwich. It should have a beginning, middle, and end. Start with a catchy hook in the first few seconds. Get into the “meat” of the video (all the juicy stuff). And end on a high note with a conclusion.

Following this content format is guaranteed to have your followers eat your content up and increase reach.

Can we fix it? Yes, we can!

Channel your inner Bob the Builder and make sure you’re solving a problem your audience may have. Your followers may look to your content for products that are a must for parents to help save time in their busy day. Maybe your audience needs new skincare and makeup recommendations but aren’t fully committed to purchasing until they’ve seen you test it out. 

Keeping this mindset will show the value of the product you’re posting about (a win for the brands) and will strengthen the trust with your audience (a win for you!).

Here’s a great example of @joannaleachen using this technique for a campaign, which racked up 339k+ views! 🎉

Keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

That’s it, that’s the tip. Shorter videos have a higher retention rate than longer videos. They also cater to the 8 second attention span, which is the average for most people.

Try to keep your video anywhere from 15 seconds – one minute and give digestible, easy to understand information within that time frame.

This Barbie is a filmmaker!

Calling all the Barbz who believe they can be anything they set their minds to! Nurture your video editing skills to make your content shine.

There are a lot of editing apps, and even in-app editing softwares on TikTok and Instagram, that can elevate your video content from good to great. No need for fancy effects or a Marvel movie budget. All you need is a few key tips:

  • Keep your camera steady. Invest in a tripod or prop your phone against a hard surface and try your best to not move it while recording. This will keep frames consistent throughout the video, even if you choose to do quick jump cuts. If you have a fast paced video, keeping the camera still will allow viewers to focus on what you’re filming and limit distractions. If you want to include close up shots, film a separate video for these so it’s easier to add in between clips when editing.
  • Never underestimate lighting. As creators, we all know lighting can make or break content. This especially goes for video content. Again, consistency is key. So ensure all of the clips in your video have good lightning. Filming in front of a window for natural light or using a ring light can help.
  • Declutter the background. Guide your viewers to what they should actually be paying attention to. A cluttered background can cause distractions and remember, the product should be prominently featured.
  • Seconds make all the difference in video content. If you’re speaking, edit out the 1-2 seconds when you’re not speaking at the beginning or end of the clip. To a viewer, this feels like a random pause that wouldn’t feel natural in conversation. Or, if you are filming product shots, it only takes a few seconds for viewer’s to comprehend what they’re seeing. No need to have a 5 second clip of the same shot. Keeping your viewers engaged is crucial to having successful video content! Check out @_gabygomez ‘s post who nailed this, coming in at 275k+ views! 🔥

Like we said, video content is here and here to stay. So it’s important to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends, editing styles, and tricks to perfect your content. If you’re looking for more content tips and interested in putting those to the test with brand collabs, apply to join the Statusphere network.