Creating Branded Content That Feels Authentic

by | Feb 16, 2024

Creating content is easy, anyone can do it – but are they doing it right? There are some things that go into creating natural-feeling brand collabs and building trust with your audience.

Think about your favorite creator. They probably post content you find valuable, funny, or interesting. They do this by sharing their life which can include showing products they’re using, loving, and not loving.

Iconic creators like Monet McMichael and Alix Earle have mastered this. And there’s a common theme in their content styles. It’s transparent, relatable, and not all about just telling people what they want to hear. Because they’re so candid in videos, their followers trust them and believe their recommendations will be worth the buy.

The best brand-creator collaborations are ones that give you a reason to purchase a product. We’ve got the deets on how to do this below:

Do Your Research 🔎

  • “What makes this product unique?” “How can I show that in content?”
  • ”What is this brand known for?” “What are their values?”
  • ”What type of content have other creators posted for them that did well?”

These are all things to learn before posting. Research is an essential stage of a brand collab, so don’t skip it! The more you know, the more credible you are and the better your content will be.

Talking about a product’s unique selling points and the problem it solves helps the girls easily influenced to justify their purchase and makes them want to buy what you’re promoting.

Test It Before You Post It ✍️

Circling back to authenticity and credibility real quick.👀 The most effective way to keep your followers coming back is to share your honest opinions about products you’ve tested. No one wants to follow a creator who recommends products they’ve never even used (or worse, don’t work).

Try out the product long enough to see any results or benefits it claims to do before sharing how you feel about it with your followers.

Show Us How It Works 👀

Picture it: you’re aimlessly scrolling TikTok. You come across a creator’s video talking about the Dyson Airwrap. But she doesn’t show how it works or her results of the final hair transformation. You keep scrolling and see another creator’s video of the same product. She shows herself using the tool to style her hair and the final look. It’s giving Victoria’s Secret Bombshell. Who’s affiliate link are you clicking to buy? Probably the second one!

The biggest part of posting an authentic collab is to show your followers how this product works and what benefits it has. This can be solving a problem the audience you’re speaking to has, a look they can achieve with this product, etc. In other words, answer this question: why should others purchase this?

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@theashleybell’s video using the Dyson Airwrap

Treat the Camera Like a Facetime Call with Your Bestie📱

There’s something so authentic when a post feels like it’s personal for you. It gives a sense of connection and relatability. Kind of like a quick Facetime with your friend.

Create content that feels like you’re telling your bestie about the new amazing product that changed your life. This makes the content feel less like an ‘ad’ or ‘commercial’. Most people use TikTok to laugh, watch relatable videos, and find good quality products they need or want. Making the language more casual is key to connecting with your audience and making the video feel more organic.

We can’t wait to see you put these tips to the test for your next brand collab.✨ Speaking of brand collabs… if you’re looking for an easy way to work with brands, we got you. Statusphere matches creators with opportunities regularly. You can apply to join here!