Member Community Guidelines

To create mutually beneficial relationships between creators and brands, we have outlined our Community Guidelines each member is expected to follow to be a part of our network.

1. Authenticity Above All

Authenticity is the foundation for success in this industry. Our goal is to get top brand collabs for our members, so authenticity is imperative.

We expect all members to share their honest opinions, and ensure your audience and engagement is 100% real and representing to the community you have built. As a reminder, we never want anyone posting about a product that they don’t believe in, which is why we give the option to fill out a product feedback form in lieu of posting, so we can get this valuable feedback straight to the brand.

The right balance of organic and sponsored content is also important to uphold authenticity. Too much sponsored content can be the divider between a genuine or an over commercialized feel. Lack of authenticity is a deal breaker for brands. Since our goal is to get top brand collabs for our members, we expect all members to uphold this guideline.

2. ‘Open Inbox’ Communication

Member satisfaction is our top priority and we believe communication is key in creating win-win relationships. So our door (or rather, inbox) is always open.

When life happens, issues arise or a product isn’t up to your liking, we’re just one email away and ready to find a solution. Your problems become our problems and we welcome them so we can find solutions. So if you have questions or concerns about a campaign or experience delays with your content, please reach out promptly.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Followers matter, but quality matters more. A genuine audience mixed with creative, unique and top-notch content goes further than any number.

A user can post content. It takes a creator to share meaningful, well thought out content to resonate with an audience. Members must clearly showcase brands the way intended with creative, good-quality and original content as Statusphere does not stand for plagiarism of any kind.

4. Engagement Creates Community

Engagement is important because it represents the community that has been built.

Engagement can fluctuate and platforms don’t always make it the easiest to navigate. But in order to get top brands on the platform, we must have engagement requirements. Because of the volatility of the algorithms, we work with the members of our network to adjust these requirements accordingly as changes to the platform are made, while balancing these with brand expectations.

Members must uphold a high enough engagement rate to be eligible for opportunities.

5. Keep it Professional and Kind

As a ‘Member First’ driven platform, we have a zero tolerance policy for bullying or inappropriate behavior of any kind. This includes online in posted content or comments, and offline to other Statusphere members and employees.

The freedom to share content that resonates with an audience is encouraged and celebrated. But we ask members to stay professional, kind and treat others with respect to keep our network a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Creator Eligibility Requirements

In order for Statusphere to review your application, you must:

  • Be based in the U.S.
  • Have a public TikTok and/or Instagram account
  • NOT have your Likes and Views count hidden, if you are applying for Instagram collabs

Failure to meet our Community Guidelines will result in removal from the Statusphere Network. Please reach out to for any questions on this.