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Statusphere Promise

Statusphere was created by social influencers that were tired of receiving emails from brands pitching crappy products. Because of this, each product is vetted and tested to ensure quality. We complete a full review of each Statusphere product on our site that you will be able to review before selecting it to be in your StatusBox. See some products that have been featured in Statusphere below. 

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Tired of messaging influencers one-by-one on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? We save you time by putting your product directly in front of the influencers you are trying to target.

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I heart 💖statusphere {with like a really big heart} Love being a part and these products are awesome!! 👌🏽



Being a part of Statusphere has been so much fun!

-Mary Kate


I love getting my StatusBox every month. The products are always high-end, and I love how get to "shop" for what I want, so I never have to post about any product that I don't choose.



Such a cool way to find new products!

-- Amelia

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