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Reach social influencers at scale.
Social influence at scale

How it Works

We send out a monthly box of products to verified, quality influencers in exchange for them posting about the product on their social channels. Statusphere handles all the correspondence, management, shipping, and verification that the posts go out on time. After your product is approved by our team, all you have to do send us your product and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Engagement is Queen

We hand pick our influencers based on engagement and social reach rather than following. We do not stand for influencers that inflate their following with spammy methods. This is why our algorithm only accepts influencers who have a high-enough engagement rate amongst their social following. We go after the “power middle influencers,” which at scale perform better than their celebrity influencer counterparts. This ensures that your brand gets the most reach for your budget.

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The Perks of Statusphere

If your brand becomes part of the Statusphere, not only will your brand be shared with hundreds of targeted influencers, but you will also receive a product shout-out shared with Statusphere’s social networks.

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